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Halloween Themed Flash!

2007-09-11 07:51:15 by I-Am-Sparticus

Im currently in the process of making a horror flash hopfully it will be done for Halloween, but I'm taking my time with my animations because I want to be perfect. My drawing is ok I guess but you guys be the judge. Its going to be a Slasher Horror Flash called: To Catch A Killer. I was originally going to use the Escalflone Theme Song, but then decided against it--so Its going to be all NG music! Not to worry--it won't be my crappy music :P. So if any of you have some advice or what not its more then welcomed and if you have an idea your willing to part with Im open too all sugestions; good, bad and even the down right sinister...

So heres a sample from To Catch A Killer


Halloween Themed Flash!

Whoa! Big News!

2007-08-29 05:41:07 by I-Am-Sparticus

Get ready for the time is nigh, my fellow pastafarians, the Piratetier is going to be having a contest!!!1!
Yes thats right and all I'm allowed to discolose is that any form of media subbmission is acceptable--but explict nudity is frowned upon and teh winner will get a spot in an up comming episode of the Piratetier along with not to be disclosed shwag! Wooo! Anyways the contest is not yet in effect but due to my love of newgrounds, I thought I'd give you all a head start, cause we all know I can't do flash or make music :P

Peace, Mother FUCKA!

Whoa! Big News!

We at Siscorp Productions are hard at work with several projects, some of which you may have already seen the previews for ( Siscoe ) The Piratetier and Our Days In*. We are also in the process of making a documentary, a Harry Potter Spoof, 2 Serious Dramas*, and of course our top secret ground breaking new series. So all I have left to say is... Buy a Shirt! .. JK.. But seriously, we work really hard on our films and shows on a very low budget and we would appriciate any free advertising and support, you have to offer.

*All are produced under Rugged Films.

Flash? C'est quoi ca?

2007-07-25 14:54:51 by I-Am-Sparticus

As most of you may not know I am an aspiring director abosesed with filming in the horror genre, but recently I've decided to try something new with my most recent project, aptly named Zombie Days. My idea for this film was to still have based in real life, but also incorperate several 2-3 minute flash animation scenes. So if anyone has any intrest in participating in this project let me know, because his Noodley Greatness knows Im a horrible flash artist--hence the lack of submissions. But I digress any help would be appriciated and also if anyone would beintresed in making falsh adaptations to any of my prior films, you have my full support.