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Halloween Themed Flash!

2007-09-11 07:51:15 by I-Am-Sparticus

Im currently in the process of making a horror flash hopfully it will be done for Halloween, but I'm taking my time with my animations because I want to be perfect. My drawing is ok I guess but you guys be the judge. Its going to be a Slasher Horror Flash called: To Catch A Killer. I was originally going to use the Escalflone Theme Song, but then decided against it--so Its going to be all NG music! Not to worry--it won't be my crappy music :P. So if any of you have some advice or what not its more then welcomed and if you have an idea your willing to part with Im open too all sugestions; good, bad and even the down right sinister...

So heres a sample from To Catch A Killer


Halloween Themed Flash!


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2007-09-17 07:27:57

YES YOU SAW E.I.P - 3!!! lmao